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Month: August, 2014

Thinking About my Future: Late Night Edition

I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately. Maybe I just like being up when no one else is. I like the exclusivity. Maybe I’ve got too much on my mind and my worries are keeping me up. It just doesn’t seem natural to go to bed before 3 am. Some of these nights have held adventures and fun times, however I am starting to settle in on the “perpetually bored teenager” stereotype. As much as kids say they hate school, I find myself thinking the opposite. I can’t wait to go back to being perpetually busy and last-minute and wonderfully distracted. I miss seeing my family at school each day. There’s just an energy that cannot be replicated outside of the walls. Like were all suffering through something together, and can make the day just that little much better for each other by talking and laughing in the halls before class. Looking back, those are some of my fondest memories. As much as I say I wish I was heading to university this year, I doubt I could’ve handled it. I need one last year to make memories with these people. I know it’ll be different, a lot of lasts with the new focus being a lot of firsts. I’ve been told to simultaneously relax and enjoy while also working my ass off. There’s a lot of that these days.

I hope this year is a perfect representation of what I am leaving behind. Not to close myself off, but to find closure in knowing that these will not be the people I am best friends with forever, but that they do hold importance in my life. In this, I will not be disappointed when relationships end and change and evolve. I love these people more than I can express, but 12 months from now I will be leaving them to have new adventures and meet new people. Hundreds of new people to choose from, or if I’m lucky, they will choose me. I’ve thought about this quote I saw on tumblr a lot lately; “Most of the people you meet from ages 18-22 will be temporary”. Its a lot. A lot of big changes. You shouldn’t feel restricted by your old self or old friends. Through this transitional time the biggest accomplishment for me will be constantly learning, outside of classrooms. When I come back after that first term to my “high-school bedroom” back to my town, I will have changed immeasurably. I may not even be recognizable to people who have remained in the same state of mind since I left. But I will not be the same. And I’ve come to realize that I’ve never heard anything more terrifyingly thrilling. 



OOTD: A Summertime Sweater Dress ?!?

This is ridiculous. Here it it, August 14 and it is cold enough outside for a sweater dress to be appropriate attire. C’mon Canada stop living up to stereotypes… 

10614280_10204269563489798_5614527017557773341_n 10551122_10204269564649827_126357954602605209_n

Sweater Dress: Aritzia (Wilfred Brand), Bralette: Brandy Melville, Shoes: Payless, Necklaces: Tiffany&Co, J.Crew


Feeding my candy addiction last night with these sour gummies I picked up from HomeSense (random, I know). Only thing that got me through that late night study session… 


Monday Office Chic + A Very Late Birthday Gift

After spending the weekend away, I ran out of time and had to pull an outfit together for work today from my suitcase of, lets say more “party-appropriate” clothes, rather than office wear. I managed to pair some interesting separates together in a low-budget appropriate look and wanted to show it to you all. (disregard my makeup and hair, long hours swimming and partying can take a toll on a girl)


Skirt is from Brandy Melville, Sweater is from H&M, Shoes are Payless


This top gets a special mention as the photo doesn’t properly do it justice. It is from M by Mendocino and has this lovely twist/open-back detail where the reverse is pink. It doesn’t completely go with the skirt, but then again, also isn’t really office appropriate so it remains covered by the sweater.


Now, for my favourite part. I received this necklace yesterday as part of a 3 month late birthday present. (I had completely forgotten). This lovely necklace from my aunt, uncle, and cousins is from J.Crew and is the perfect addition to my measly but treasured statement necklace collection. They’re the sweetest and always give the perfect gift; I also received some L’Occitaine Almond hand cream 🙂

Made starting this Monday off at work a little bit sweeter.

Hope you all have a lovely Monday!



From Day to Night: Throwback Thursday to my Office-Appropriate Ensemble

It’s hard to believe these pictures were taken over a year ago. Of course this is not a sterotypical outfit for a 16 year old’s birthday dinner, but I like to think I’m at least a little bit original. This remains as one of my favourite outfits to wear to the office or just out in general. Peplum tops are incredibly flattering and were an obsession of mine at the time. They work perfectly with the fitted grey trousers, which were on trend with the cropped pants of the time. The heels were where it got glamorous. Almost in a “mullet-style” business in the front, party in the back (sparkly heels). For a day at the office, I’d usually just pair this with some black flats. 






Top: Forever 21 – Trousers: Aritzia – Heels: Madden Girl

and my favourite present? My Tiffany&Co rose gold necklace (aka the namesake of this blog). 


It was a very Sweet 16 🙂


From Skyscrapers to Sea Doos

Hard to tell if this is a blessing or a curse. All I really wanted was a summer job, but apparently I have no life skills or experience suitable to put fruit in a blender.

Besides that, corporate culture suits me well. It started watching cliche comedies with tough-as-nails, cutthroat businesswomen in their fancy pencil skirts and pumps. Since then all I’ve wanted is a wardrobe full of blazers. This obsession has only grown with my love for the show Suits (If you have been living under a Netflix-proof rock then I’d highly recommend it. If not for the content, then for the gorgeous wardrobe and cast). Best part is, they film only a little ways away in Toronto and I’d die if I ever saw them.  Even better, they frequent Ontario’s cottage country (way up in the freezing arctic North… not) and have been enjoying it just as much as I have this summer.




Nothing beats Canadian cottage country, literally nothing. Like, look at that view from the back of a sea doo. No matter where I live in the world, I hope I still own some property up in the great white north because so many great memories come from there. I truly believe it is the best way to test out who your true friends/ significant others are. A few days up at a cottage and you will know these people inside out. Late night life talks out on the dock and card games by the fire looking nowhere near perfect in sweats and no makeup… sounds like perfection to me. One cottage visit a while ago actually led me to find out that the guy I was dating didn’t know how to swim! How crazy is that. Cottages represent the easy-going, and simply good living times in all of us.

Something I think about a lot is finding those “nowhere I’d rather be” moments in life, and a good majority of mine involved being with those I love most at cottages.

Also, If I can leave you with one last piece of advice: there are many ways to get into the water from the dock, the ladder is not one of them. Live a little 🙂



I figured this was as good a place to start as any, seeing as it is the major focus in my life right now. 

Choices and opportunities and regrets will forever remain heavy on my mind, especially at a time like this in my life. First and foremost I am expected to “just know” what I want to do for the rest of my life, and I don’t think there is a scarier thought than that. My grandpa’s best piece of advice to me is: “Do something you enjoy, because you’ll be spending the next 50 years doing it.” To me, he will always be the wisest man in the entire world. (Put it this way, he does math for fun) All I want is for him to see that I have done something successfully. That is all I want for my entire family actually. I don’t want to be the girl that is given the world, I want to go out and get it for myself. 

Another choice I’ve made recently has had some negative repercussions.. I made a decision in order to make myself happy, and in the process, damaged my relationship with a friend. Now looking back, I am starting to see that maybe I am better off without that friend, but it didn’t change how heartbreaking it was in the moment to lose her. What I am trying to say is a less-corny version of “everything happens for a reason”. The friendship was a bit toxic, and I have since matured and come closer to people who value me more. Don’t waste your time with toxic people, instead give yourself to people who give you their 100%. Easier said than done but I promise it is worth it. 

With all these daunting questions on my mind, it is easy to see why I have become so indecisive about everything from breakfast cereals to the dreaded “what do you wanna do? Idk, what do you wanna do?”. AND THAT NEEDS TO STOP. Make decisions that make you happy, speak your mind and let your opinion matter. Stop using the term IDK so much. Most of the decisions are not going to matter in 5 years anyways so stop stressing. (also, if you skip the gym one day to take your sister out for a froyo date, that is definitely, 100% a good decision.)

I guess this blog has somehow turned into my diary to upload for the world to see. If you’re still reading, I am planning on adding some fashion posts, food posts and maybe some travel posts. A little bit of everything I guess. 🙂