From Skyscrapers to Sea Doos

Hard to tell if this is a blessing or a curse. All I really wanted was a summer job, but apparently I have no life skills or experience suitable to put fruit in a blender.

Besides that, corporate culture suits me well. It started watching cliche comedies with tough-as-nails, cutthroat businesswomen in their fancy pencil skirts and pumps. Since then all I’ve wanted is a wardrobe full of blazers. This obsession has only grown with my love for the show Suits (If you have been living under a Netflix-proof rock then I’d highly recommend it. If not for the content, then for the gorgeous wardrobe and cast). Best part is, they film only a little ways away in Toronto and I’d die if I ever saw them.  Even better, they frequent Ontario’s cottage country (way up in the freezing arctic North… not) and have been enjoying it just as much as I have this summer.




Nothing beats Canadian cottage country, literally nothing. Like, look at that view from the back of a sea doo. No matter where I live in the world, I hope I still own some property up in the great white north because so many great memories come from there. I truly believe it is the best way to test out who your true friends/ significant others are. A few days up at a cottage and you will know these people inside out. Late night life talks out on the dock and card games by the fire looking nowhere near perfect in sweats and no makeup… sounds like perfection to me. One cottage visit a while ago actually led me to find out that the guy I was dating didn’t know how to swim! How crazy is that. Cottages represent the easy-going, and simply good living times in all of us.

Something I think about a lot is finding those “nowhere I’d rather be” moments in life, and a good majority of mine involved being with those I love most at cottages.

Also, If I can leave you with one last piece of advice: there are many ways to get into the water from the dock, the ladder is not one of them. Live a little 🙂



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