Monday Office Chic + A Very Late Birthday Gift

After spending the weekend away, I ran out of time and had to pull an outfit together for work today from my suitcase of, lets say more “party-appropriate” clothes, rather than office wear. I managed to pair some interesting separates together in a low-budget appropriate look and wanted to show it to you all. (disregard my makeup and hair, long hours swimming and partying can take a toll on a girl)


Skirt is from Brandy Melville, Sweater is from H&M, Shoes are Payless


This top gets a special mention as the photo doesn’t properly do it justice. It is from M by Mendocino and has this lovely twist/open-back detail where the reverse is pink. It doesn’t completely go with the skirt, but then again, also isn’t really office appropriate so it remains covered by the sweater.


Now, for my favourite part. I received this necklace yesterday as part of a 3 month late birthday present. (I had completely forgotten). This lovely necklace from my aunt, uncle, and cousins is from J.Crew and is the perfect addition to my measly but treasured statement necklace collection. They’re the sweetest and always give the perfect gift; I also received some L’Occitaine Almond hand cream 🙂

Made starting this Monday off at work a little bit sweeter.

Hope you all have a lovely Monday!




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