Long time, no blog

Hate to come back saying this because it admits to me having a several month absence with school as my only excuse but, hopefully I will be back for good. This site has almost been like a journal to me and I’ve missed expressed my thoughts freely. But I would also love to bring it back to a fashion/lifestyle blog and try my hand at that. It has been a huge dream of mine lately to be able to pursue this throughout university and I hope I will get the chance… It would probably help to not be wearing a uniform everyday.

I have completely got wrapped up in the pursuits of my senior year. It had been a year of shifting perspectives, making up with and losing friends, and powering through my last taste of day-to-day highschool life. I can only assume that most of the people who would read this are older, so if that is the case, any advice? I feel like you can’t truly appreciate these four years until you are past the walls and looking back on the simplicity (and idiocy). Nonetheless, I will deeply miss the traditions and significance of everything around me (at the moment). This is my world right now, and fortunately or unfortunately it will be completely shifted upside down in the next few months. Documenting this growth through this blog seems like a pretty good idea.

So I hope if you have stumbled across this blog you will see that this is my turning point where I go full-out and put all my efforts into this blog. And if nobody sees this, it will be interesting to look back on years from now. Thanks, and see you soon. Expect big things.



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