New Obsession: The Mindy Project

Well as it turns out, all the shows that people fleetingly tell you “you HAVE TO watch” are actually not too bad. My recent obsessions that I never would have thought to have taken interest in are The Mindy Project and New Girl. This is mostly fueled by a Netflix obsession, and as far as that goes I am pretty good at picking shows. Some others are Suits, White Collar, the 100, Gossip Girl, and of course, Friends. Not as big of a fan of the movies but shows are so easy to jump through seasons.

This has almost become a problem for me, a slight distraction and escape from all of the year end projects coming up. I feel that is why most people love Netflix, its personal, easily accessible, and can help you dive into another world, for a bit or for a while. At least, that’s what my excuse is for late night marathons…



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