“Well don’t you look professional”

As a young person who loves corporate culture (and especially corporate fashion), it is easy to be mistaken for a juvenile. However, I am determined to overcome this through my behavior and image, hence my closet of business-y pieces despite having just graduated high school. This is an outfit I have actually turned to twice, once for an interview, and once for an everyday look. The light and bright – ness really cheers up a case of the Mondays and a put together look such as this (plus blowout) is basically all the confidence you could ever want. I find it significantly more challenging to put together outfits in the summer so hopefully this can offer some inspiration. So charge ahead, rose gold accessories in tow and brave the day (or take a blogging break… whatever keeps you going). 🙂

11059315_10206934552112848_876284603858377586_n 11707471_10206934552192850_4824244068284203329_n

Jacket: Forever 21, Camisole: Aritzia (Wilfred brand), Pants: Garage, Purse: Kate Spade, Black Flats: Payless

And of course, my everyday accessories – Watch: Michael Kors, Necklace: Tiffany & Co, Ring: Michael Hill

Also, to any other bloggers reading this, I need more blogs to follow so let me know you’re here! I’d be more than happy to check yours out and give you a follow 🙂



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