Classy Crop

Crop tops are such a fun part of summer, yet I find myself sometimes shying away from wearing them in public. Perhaps it is the lack of coverage, but I often find myself tugging them down and eliminating any gaps. I do, however, think they can be done in a nicer way (substituting one sliver of skin for another) that can make any body shape comfortable. You will also notice in this outfit my tried n’ true favourite sandals of all time. They are the most comfortable and durable footwear I own, and they were purchased on a whim at a Walmart a couple years ago. I love the surprise on peoples faces after they compliment them and ask.



And yes, this is the finished result of that Ashley Benson post of mine yesterday, unfortunately the flyaways did not cooperate as well… Hope everyone is having a great Monday!!

Top: Nordstom (Lush Brand), Pants: Dynamite, Shoes: WalmartDSM_6869



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