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Month: August, 2015

Va-Va-VMAs 2015

Wow, what a night. The MTV Video Music awards is one of the craziest and most unpredictable nights of the year and last night sure did live up to that. There are no limits when it comes to the wild performances, speeches, and fashion choices and last night had no shortage of all three.

Some standout moments for me included; Tori Kelly’s unbelievable standing-ovation acoustic performance, Taylor and Nicki on sharing the stage (Bad-Blood style), Justin Bieber’s seemingly simple and professional performance (followed by some dramatic tears?), and Kanye’s excessively long and hard to follow acceptance speech (after, of course, being given his Video Vanguard award by none other than Taylor Swift herself). Fortunately, the night also included an abundance of risky and fun style choices. Read on for my picks.


First of all, glowing goddess Gigi stunned onlookers from her body chain down to her metallic strappy heels. It was said her hair was inspired by a Brigitte Bardot/Bond Girl type look and she nailed it. If only I looked this good after coming back from vacation…


Of course, my girl Selena Gomez seems to always make it near the top of my list, as she is usually the first person I scope out on the red (or technicolour) carpet. To be honest, her look was simple and not one of my favourites until her outfit change later in the night. If you were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of her in the audience later on, those zipper slits were heating up the place (and possibly the reason for JB’s momentary crying sesh on stage? I know I was on the verge of tears).


Next, I was obsessed with Youtuber Amanda Steele’s two-piece look. So futuristic, so perfect for the awards, and she looked fantastic. Another point for Team Internet taking over.

AP_792163960187_a_p GettyImages-485976484-1440979720

Now, two more members of Tay’s supermodel-ridden Bad Blood squad also dressed true to their badass characters. Sleek, sophisticated, and of course having the perfect bodies to pull off these looks helped them celebrate Taylor taking home the award of the night in style.


Ok you seriously need to check out this girl’s performance. Best vocals of the night, hands down. Plus her hair is fabulous and she is wearing an all sequin jumpsuit. Doesn’t get much better. This one performance definitely put Tori Kelly on everyones radar. The standing ovation she received was definitely deserved.

Shoutout for Taylor’s girl power squad for making every other girl in the joint jealous. I know if I ever got famous, the first thing I’d do would be to try and get in there because it honestly looks like a blast (and I heard Taylor bakes a mean cookie).

2015 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals

The biggest trends for the night I noticed were lots of black, lots of cutouts and skin, as well as enough dramatic cat eyes to sell Sephora out of eyeliner. Call me impressed (and frantically practicing my winged liner for my next big night out. Jealous!)



Oh The Weather Outside…

As our final few weeks of summer are wrapping up, a gloomy, fall-like atmosphere has settled over Toronto. Weather like this only has me more excited for the seasons to change (Autumn is my favourite, after all) and the big move ahead of me (university!).


I knew I was officially done with summer when I saw my dashboard flooded with oversized sweaters and flannels. As the crisp air lingers, I thought today would be a perfect chance for me to showcase some of my favourite recent cozy reblogs/pins to get everyone in the mood for fall!


Its all about balance; I love the delicately stacked jewelry against the menswear-inspired, oversized pieces.


My recent shoe obsession… Mark my words, I will own a pair of these beauties!


Seeing outfits like this basically makes me live for those few weeks in a Canadian fall season where it is cold enough for a jacket, yet warm enough to not wear a parka. Unfortunately, that time is very limited here 😦


Doesn’t this look like the coziest little corner for reading? I am going to try and set up something like this in my dorm room if I can find the floor space…


I can just feel how warm and snuggly that sweater is, and bare legs means you can start digging your biggest cardigans out now! Go, go, go, run don’t walk!

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Steal Her Style: Selena Gomez in NYC

Can we please have a moment of appreciation for Selena Gomez’s style? Beyond all the models, editors, and fashion superstars, Selena maintains a cool balance between designer labels and attainable style for the everyday girl. For this reason, she has one of my favourite street styles to draw inspiration from.

Today, specifically, I will be breaking down pieces for how to create this killer ensemble she wore in NYC last week.


First of all, her sunnies. Same Dior style I talked about a few posts ago. Find a cool $10.90 alternative at Forever 21.


Next, her sleek black turtleneck top: Sleeveless Mock Turtleneck from Express for $24.90


Her pants are easy, as you most likely already have a pair of dark skinnies in your closet. My pick would be: Aeropostale Seriously Stretchy Dark Wash High Waisted Jegging ($26)


Finally the shoes, they have a bit of a thicker strap than the typical minimalist strappy heel but I can see these becoming more popular for their comfort and stability. Similar style: Forever 21 Faux Suede Ankle Strap Sandals ($39.90)


A touch of red/orange lipstick and a sleek middle part and the look is complete! Happy Monday everyone 🙂


12 Hour Workday?!?

As I am about to enter college (commonly referred to as the most financially challenging time in your life) I have picked up two summer jobs; some office work as well as a sales associate in a store. It just so happens these two schedules coincided Monday and caused me to need to do some strategic dressing. Transitioning office-appropriate attire to a more teen-oriented (mind you, with strict rules) dress code was a challenge, but I was able to manage. Hopefully this can help ease your transition for an after-work party or event, though I actually dress down the outfit rather than dress it up…

11870786_10207150301786455_3613407333772393642_n 11892144_10207150301906458_6246087448448528929_n

Here is my corporate-approved work outfit. I based my outfit around this basic grey tank dress from forever 21. It is simple enough to be able to easily switch around bolder accessories and drastically change up the look. These neutral, closed toe booties were also a staple, allowing me long hours of work on my feet as well as a bit of running between shifts. Pro tip: Mine are new so I actually ended up wearing little dancer foot “undies” in mine to alleviate my toes from getting blisters and sliding around. Worked like a charm! (plus mine are cute in cheetah print)


For later on, I made the outfit a bit more casual with a plaid draped shirt and a simpler, longer gold necklace. I needed two very different looks and I was able to make this piece work for both, while on the go. Simple, subtle changes, but very effective! Also can be considered as two ways of styling this piece for an everyday look, whether you are feeling more dressed up and girly, or comfy and casual.



Winning Looks from the 2015 Teen Choice Awards

The Teen Choice awards were on last night, a show that always brings punches of bright colour and playful fashion to the carpet. The youthful fearlessness is a key factor in what makes it one of my favourites, not to mention its spot as one of summer’s last big events. Here’s who I thought killed it on the blue carpet:



Shay Mitchell killed it in this white belted shirt dress and strappy heels. Definitely a look that can transition summer to fall (we’ll even allow it past labour day!)


Bright, fun, and fit Bella Thorne like a glove. Bonus points for “going out on a limb” with it’s nature-y pattern and contrasting clutch.


Now, I’m used to watching Bethany Mota on a much smaller screen, which made it so exciting to see her success leading up to this event, including taking home the surfboard for Female Web Star and dazzling the crowd with her speech. Her dress fit her gorgeously and the somewhat sheer black back was a killer touch to an otherwise simple dress. Well done team internet!


An unexpected favourite, I genuinely loved the retro shape and feel of Chloe’s outfit and thought she completely stole the stage (as she is used to) when she accepted her favourite dancer surfboard. I always preferred her to Maddie anyways… (Avid dance moms watcher here)


Two beauty looks I adored, Janel Parrish’s bright berry lip and Lucy Hale’s deep blue smokey eye. Two key styles to try this fall whether it be dressed up for going out, or more muted for daytime. Both of them are also sporting slicked-back, middle part, low ponytails, something I can assure we will see a lot of this fall, as well as a significant loss of volumized hair. Not sure I’ll be able to rock that one, but definitely worth a shot!


Of course, Zendaya has now become a fashion and beauty fixture and she proved that again last night with her daring Ashi Studio ensemble and lengthy braid. Her neutral lip colour looks stunning, as well as her fiercely lined eyes.

Honorable Mentions:

lea-michele-teen-choice nina-dobrev-teen-choice Victoria-Justice--2015-Teen-Choice-Awards--01-662x1103

Let me know what you think of my picks and of the awards themselves!


Some Call it Lazy, I Call it “On-Trend”

This new trend could possibly be the best news my wallet and netflix schedule have ever heard. As of recently, models and celebrities have been forgoing their routine root touchups in favour of a more naturally “grown-in” look. Fortunately, I was waaaaay ahead of this trend (aka haven’t been for a touchup in way too long) and was thrilled to spot this look gaining momentum. As in “I haven’t been back to the salon and spent copious amounts of money to destroy my hair in way too long” but now, I can actually portray it as purposefully!

Here are some of the brilliant heads of this trend (pun intended):

2B59016C00000578-3197580-These_boots_were_made_for_walking_The_Sports_Illustrated_model_c-a-6_1439546786003 2B58E7DB00000578-3197580-These_boots_were_made_for_walking_The_Sports_Illustrated_model_c-a-7_1439546786006


This trend also works out brilliantly for those daring enough to try the colourful or icy grey hues of the summer, now transition root growth into “colombre”. I am loving this as well, not only for the functionality, but for the gorgeously effortless look.


So next time you see an outfit post on here with my roots showing, cut me some slack! The mutual laziness of the fashion industry has inspired an empowering and fun new trend. Sometimes a girls got more important things to do than get a root touch up, you know? (like I said, netflix!)


Amanda is an Outfit Repeater?!?


As someone who loves putting together new outfits, this has never really struck me as an issue (It seemed like even less of an issue at the time the Lizzie McGuire Movie came out, as per the picture above). Now, with your outfits forever documented by instagram and the like, people’s outfits will never be safe! I know I have shyed away from wearing the same ensemble twice as it wouldn’t make for as good of a picture the second time around. For example, today I had a special day at work and wanted to wear something I knew I loved and would be comfortable in, so I wore the J.Crew pants outfit I blogged about earlier. However, on my commute I began to regret my choice. Which brings today’s question: “Is outfit repeating a crime?”. Let me know what you guys think down below. If no one sees your outfit, does that make it ok to wear it again? Now I am not one to be wasteful and I am a firm believer that celebrities never wearing the same things makes them crazy (and probably not knowledgable about washing machines). I say, if you put together a killer outfit, you should get as much wear out of it as possible!


Is It Fall Yet? OOTD

As we are rapidly approaching my favourite season I couldn’t help but stop by the mall the other day to check out some new pieces and pick up some basics. This season will be a major transition as I am used to putting on a uniform every single day, and now I actually have to pick out clothes! (not to say there won’t be sweatpant-days, I am in college after all…) Ended up picking up this cute tee dress from Zara for $20, a great piece to transition into the colder weather. Unfortunately, the “summer” weather today was feeling rather chilly… (leather jacket is from Danier)


Ordered some items from Forever21.ca as well, including these cute booties. Honestly, I was amazed by the customer service, ordered them on a Friday (with free shipping and 10% off!) and received them Monday morning, which as most Canadians would know, is an online delivery miracle.


These sunglasses are the real finishing piece though. Dior-esque style, but a bit more durable and a lot cheaper (also from my Forever 21 order). Part of their “trendiness” and appeal comes from their promise that they look good on every face shape, so I figured they’d be a safe online order. Here are the real ones:


Not too shabby for $10.90!



Products I Regret Buying

Now normally I am not one for product bashing but I find these posts especially helpful as a college student on a budget. Why waste money on something that won’t work? This is why I have decided to bring you some of my most disappointing and regretful purchases, whether high or low end, to spare you the same mistakes. Take it as a form of warning, proceed at your own risk!


First Offender: Tresemme Fresh Start Waterless Foam Shampoo

Intrigued by the concept and motivated by my devotion to dry shampoo, I decided to give this product a try. Despite its rave reviews (by the way, let me know if you have had a different experience with this or any of the other products), this foam left my hair a damp, greasy mess (and not in the trendy way).


Second Offender: Love & Beauty Noir Glitter Nail Polish

Now to be honest, I will take all of the blame for this one based off of my poor judgement. The formula isn’t awful, but the colour/black sparkles combo is. Chalk this one up to Amanda’s poor judgment and pressured decision making in the Forever 21 checkout line…


Third Offender: Garnier Fructis Style Sleek Finish Serum Spray

Not too much to say about this one except that it somehow either didn’t make a difference to my hair, or that it made it greasy beyond belief. Honestly, another innovative product and I’ll give them credit for that, but I’ll take a simple serum over a hard to operate spray any day. I’d describe it as a good-for-your-hair hairspray with no hold benefits, but with the crunchy look and signature smell.


Fourth Offender: Rimmel Scandal Eyes Jumbo Liquid Eyeliner

Ahh finally, the inspiration for this post! As soon as I tried this product out for the first time I knew I needed to write and tell you guys about it. Picked this product up not too long ago and was extremely disappointed when I ripped it out of the packaging, excited to finally perfect that thick, winged liner. What I got instead was a faint trace of watered-down eyeliner barely noticeable on my eyes. Tried to warm the product up on my hand and still, no success. I will continue to test it out but honestly, I can’t see the formula getting much stronger anytime soon. Very disappointing!

Let me know what products you regret buying in the comments! I’d love to hear from you 🙂


Closest I Can Get to Wearing Pajamas at the Office OOTD

J.Crew strikes again… They were having a really great sale a few days back and I happened to stumble across these pants. They are the Tall Reese Pant (unfortunately no longer available). Now if you knew me in person, you would know I am nowhere near tall, however the length of these are the same as a “short” pair of jeans I own (both 29″ inseams). So, if you were looking at them, I would definitely take that into consideration. They drew me in with the promise of $14.99, but of course like anything you order online to Canada, they ended up costing about double that. Still a good deal, just not as great as I had hoped (a girl can dream!).

11855879_10207052215414357_4645216658585135971_n 11825580_10207052214934345_4576529217381667820_n

This jacket is another recent favourite of mine, as I am trying to get as much wear out of it as I can before Labour Day (perhaps it will make a “winter white” appearance?). Paired with black flats and a simple black cami, this outfit is every bit as professional as it is comfortable. They will definitely be making a repeat appearance.


Jacket: Forever 21, Pants: J.Crew, Cami: Forever 21, Necklace: Forever 21, Tiffany&Co, Watch: Michael Kors

Ps. Please disregard my roots! Trying to decide what to do with my hair before moving off to college… any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!