Cottage Country Weekend


Terribly sorry to have broken my posting streak and gone without writing this weekend but I abruptly changed plans from blogging at home to a weekend up north, and I couldn’t refuse that. Anyone who has been to Canada’s cottage-y areas knows the beauty and atmosphere is indescribable, which makes it such a great and unique part of our culture. Less that two hours away is an escape from the busy city life of Toronto, where the clock seems to have gone back in time to simpler days (including an incredible old-timey movie theatre in Kinmount you must check out if you are in that area). I have been going up to this specific cottage every summer for 7 years now, and everytime I feel more at ease and connected with myself and my roots.


This weekend, specifically, did that as I was able to be with two families that have practically known me my entire life. Nothing makes you feel more at ease than being with the people that have seen you grow and know you better than anyone in the world.


Plus, it didn’t hurt my soul to be around some of the cutest puppies on the planet…

My jean jacket is from American Eagle, my romper is from Urban Outfitters, a perfect travelling pair for a long car ride!

Hope you all had an amazing long weekend and I look forward to bringing lots of new content soon! August beginning is inspiring me and making me feel so grateful for the summer I have left. Don’t waste it!



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