Closest I Can Get to Wearing Pajamas at the Office OOTD

J.Crew strikes again… They were having a really great sale a few days back and I happened to stumble across these pants. They are the Tall Reese Pant (unfortunately no longer available). Now if you knew me in person, you would know I am nowhere near tall, however the length of these are the same as a “short” pair of jeans I own (both 29″ inseams). So, if you were looking at them, I would definitely take that into consideration. They drew me in with the promise of $14.99, but of course like anything you order online to Canada, they ended up costing about double that. Still a good deal, just not as great as I had hoped (a girl can dream!).

11855879_10207052215414357_4645216658585135971_n 11825580_10207052214934345_4576529217381667820_n

This jacket is another recent favourite of mine, as I am trying to get as much wear out of it as I can before Labour Day (perhaps it will make a “winter white” appearance?). Paired with black flats and a simple black cami, this outfit is every bit as professional as it is comfortable. They will definitely be making a repeat appearance.


Jacket: Forever 21, Pants: J.Crew, Cami: Forever 21, Necklace: Forever 21, Tiffany&Co, Watch: Michael Kors

Ps. Please disregard my roots! Trying to decide what to do with my hair before moving off to college… any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!



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