Products I Regret Buying

Now normally I am not one for product bashing but I find these posts especially helpful as a college student on a budget. Why waste money on something that won’t work? This is why I have decided to bring you some of my most disappointing and regretful purchases, whether high or low end, to spare you the same mistakes. Take it as a form of warning, proceed at your own risk!


First Offender: Tresemme Fresh Start Waterless Foam Shampoo

Intrigued by the concept and motivated by my devotion to dry shampoo, I decided to give this product a try. Despite its rave reviews (by the way, let me know if you have had a different experience with this or any of the other products), this foam left my hair a damp, greasy mess (and not in the trendy way).


Second Offender: Love & Beauty Noir Glitter Nail Polish

Now to be honest, I will take all of the blame for this one based off of my poor judgement. The formula isn’t awful, but the colour/black sparkles combo is. Chalk this one up to Amanda’s poor judgment and pressured decision making in the Forever 21 checkout line…


Third Offender: Garnier Fructis Style Sleek Finish Serum Spray

Not too much to say about this one except that it somehow either didn’t make a difference to my hair, or that it made it greasy beyond belief. Honestly, another innovative product and I’ll give them credit for that, but I’ll take a simple serum over a hard to operate spray any day. I’d describe it as a good-for-your-hair hairspray with no hold benefits, but with the crunchy look and signature smell.


Fourth Offender: Rimmel Scandal Eyes Jumbo Liquid Eyeliner

Ahh finally, the inspiration for this post! As soon as I tried this product out for the first time I knew I needed to write and tell you guys about it. Picked this product up not too long ago and was extremely disappointed when I ripped it out of the packaging, excited to finally perfect that thick, winged liner. What I got instead was a faint trace of watered-down eyeliner barely noticeable on my eyes. Tried to warm the product up on my hand and still, no success. I will continue to test it out but honestly, I can’t see the formula getting much stronger anytime soon. Very disappointing!

Let me know what products you regret buying in the comments! I’d love to hear from you 🙂



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