Is It Fall Yet? OOTD

As we are rapidly approaching my favourite season I couldn’t help but stop by the mall the other day to check out some new pieces and pick up some basics. This season will be a major transition as I am used to putting on a uniform every single day, and now I actually have to pick out clothes! (not to say there won’t be sweatpant-days, I am in college after all…) Ended up picking up this cute tee dress from Zara for $20, a great piece to transition into the colder weather. Unfortunately, the “summer” weather today was feeling rather chilly… (leather jacket is from Danier)


Ordered some items from as well, including these cute booties. Honestly, I was amazed by the customer service, ordered them on a Friday (with free shipping and 10% off!) and received them Monday morning, which as most Canadians would know, is an online delivery miracle.


These sunglasses are the real finishing piece though. Dior-esque style, but a bit more durable and a lot cheaper (also from my Forever 21 order). Part of their “trendiness” and appeal comes from their promise that they look good on every face shape, so I figured they’d be a safe online order. Here are the real ones:


Not too shabby for $10.90!





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