Amanda is an Outfit Repeater?!?


As someone who loves putting together new outfits, this has never really struck me as an issue (It seemed like even less of an issue at the time the Lizzie McGuire Movie came out, as per the picture above). Now, with your outfits forever documented by instagram and the like, people’s outfits will never be safe! I know I have shyed away from wearing the same ensemble twice as it wouldn’t make for as good of a picture the second time around. For example, today I had a special day at work and wanted to wear something I knew I loved and would be comfortable in, so I wore the J.Crew pants outfit I blogged about earlier. However, on my commute I began to regret my choice. Which brings today’s question: “Is outfit repeating a crime?”. Let me know what you guys think down below. If no one sees your outfit, does that make it ok to wear it again? Now I am not one to be wasteful and I am a firm believer that celebrities never wearing the same things makes them crazy (and probably not knowledgable about washing machines). I say, if you put together a killer outfit, you should get as much wear out of it as possible!



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