Some Call it Lazy, I Call it “On-Trend”

This new trend could possibly be the best news my wallet and netflix schedule have ever heard. As of recently, models and celebrities have been forgoing their routine root touchups in favour of a more naturally “grown-in” look. Fortunately, I was waaaaay ahead of this trend (aka haven’t been for a touchup in way too long) and was thrilled to spot this look gaining momentum. As in “I haven’t been back to the salon and spent copious amounts of money to destroy my hair in way too long” but now, I can actually portray it as purposefully!

Here are some of the brilliant heads of this trend (pun intended):

2B59016C00000578-3197580-These_boots_were_made_for_walking_The_Sports_Illustrated_model_c-a-6_1439546786003 2B58E7DB00000578-3197580-These_boots_were_made_for_walking_The_Sports_Illustrated_model_c-a-7_1439546786006


This trend also works out brilliantly for those daring enough to try the colourful or icy grey hues of the summer, now transition root growth into “colombre”. I am loving this as well, not only for the functionality, but for the gorgeously effortless look.


So next time you see an outfit post on here with my roots showing, cut me some slack! The mutual laziness of the fashion industry has inspired an empowering and fun new trend. Sometimes a girls got more important things to do than get a root touch up, you know? (like I said, netflix!)




  1. I was thinking in the car today ‘should I get my roots done before my holiday?’ – glad I’ve seen this, don’t think I will bother now. 😀

  2. I was just thinking in the car ‘should I bet my roots done before holiday?’ Don’t think I will bother now 😀

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