12 Hour Workday?!?

As I am about to enter college (commonly referred to as the most financially challenging time in your life) I have picked up two summer jobs; some office work as well as a sales associate in a store. It just so happens these two schedules coincided Monday and caused me to need to do some strategic dressing. Transitioning office-appropriate attire to a more teen-oriented (mind you, with strict rules) dress code was a challenge, but I was able to manage. Hopefully this can help ease your transition for an after-work party or event, though I actually dress down the outfit rather than dress it up…

11870786_10207150301786455_3613407333772393642_n 11892144_10207150301906458_6246087448448528929_n

Here is my corporate-approved work outfit. I based my outfit around this basic grey tank dress from forever 21. It is simple enough to be able to easily switch around bolder accessories and drastically change up the look. These neutral, closed toe booties were also a staple, allowing me long hours of work on my feet as well as a bit of running between shifts. Pro tip: Mine are new so I actually ended up wearing little dancer foot “undies” in mine to alleviate my toes from getting blisters and sliding around. Worked like a charm! (plus mine are cute in cheetah print)


For later on, I made the outfit a bit more casual with a plaid draped shirt and a simpler, longer gold necklace. I needed two very different looks and I was able to make this piece work for both, while on the go. Simple, subtle changes, but very effective! Also can be considered as two ways of styling this piece for an everyday look, whether you are feeling more dressed up and girly, or comfy and casual.




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