Oh The Weather Outside…

by amandamcdougall

As our final few weeks of summer are wrapping up, a gloomy, fall-like atmosphere has settled over Toronto. Weather like this only has me more excited for the seasons to change (Autumn is my favourite, after all) and the big move ahead of me (university!).


I knew I was officially done with summer when I saw my dashboard flooded with oversized sweaters and flannels. As the crisp air lingers, I thought today would be a perfect chance for me to showcase some of my favourite recent cozy reblogs/pins to get everyone in the mood for fall!


Its all about balance; I love the delicately stacked jewelry against the menswear-inspired, oversized pieces.


My recent shoe obsession… Mark my words, I will own a pair of these beauties!


Seeing outfits like this basically makes me live for those few weeks in a Canadian fall season where it is cold enough for a jacket, yet warm enough to not wear a parka. Unfortunately, that time is very limited here 😦


Doesn’t this look like the coziest little corner for reading? I am going to try and set up something like this in my dorm room if I can find the floor space…


I can just feel how warm and snuggly that sweater is, and bare legs means you can start digging your biggest cardigans out now! Go, go, go, run don’t walk!

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