The Generation That is Changing the College Game

As I prepare myself to move away from home for the first time (off to university in 1 day!!) I have been reflecting while packing up all my belongings, and more importantly the advice I have gotten. Stories of fun college nights from friends and family are always something to look forward to, however I have noticed a significant difference between their stories and mine. As much as you could ever be prepared to move out, this generation is shattering the broke college student stereotype in favour of mattress pads, throw pillows, and cappuccino machines adding to a dorm’s level of homeliness. This begs the question, are students today too coddled? A dorm has now become so much more than a summer camp-esque place to sleep while studying and has transformed into a powerhouse industry (at least for a few months of the year). Four walls and a bed are now receiving updates such as “wellness centers”, workout rooms, and dining halls that rival some high end restaurants.

This has all been fueled by the overaiding of adolescents at home leading to students rarely wanting to leave their dorms. Why would you when you have a fabulous memory foam mattress surrounded by the latest gadgets. Unfortunately, this motion has not only become a luxury, but a standard for most freshman. New students without access to at least a standard laptop with all of the fixings have already been set at a disadvantage from day one.

Not only is this a factor of comfort and farmiliarity but actually a new facet of style. Being able to show off your stylishly decorated dorm has become a trend across social media, and is only predicted to go upwards with the popularity of new platforms such as snapchat and instagram.

Going from my parents working their way through student loans and living at home I have noticed a large difference in how they have gone about my university transition. However, I am extremely grateful about how excited they have been and all that they’ve done. Just waiting for the waterworks Sunday!



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