Fresh Start, New Campus for Fall

After a short hiatus that included a total uproot of my home, school, and social atmosphere, I have finally settled into a routine here at university. Frosh week was a blur of new faces, new buildings, and new rules/standards (although I’m sure most of you could have taken a general stab at that concept based on movies if not having lived it yourself). Fortunately, I am glad to say I have fallen in love with these new surroundings. Everything is so compact and together in a university town and it has been a welcome change of pace. Others, however, haven’t been so lucky with their roommates, dorm, and classes. There was an unexplainable feeling when I was able to walk onto campus with the unwavering belief that I was exactly where I should be and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. School spirit surges through your veins the minute you put on that logo’ed hoodie and you become a part of something bigger than yourself, and better than anything that you could’ve been had you stayed at home. Now I understand why they call it the best years of your life, as my future here only looks promising (for now!).

Here are some pictures of my new life thus far 🙂

New room:


This picture was not taken by me, but is a gorgeous shot of the hill covered in freshman:


Roomie (and wannabe roommate):


The sunset after an incredibly fun and tiring week:


Not a bad start! Only problem is that I miss my dog 😦 (ok and the rest of my family too!)



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