Emmy Style Winners 2015

As I am no longer someone who has access to cable television, the rest of awards season is looking pretty nonexistent to me. Fortunately, I have been able to remain a part of the action through browsing the trends and winners online, almost as the carpet is happening (which is probably more interesting than even watching the show…). So now, I would like to bring you my style favourites from the Emmy’s red carpet, which I heard being called the “prom of awards shows” not too long ago. All I can say is I happily agree with that statement!

I also heard that there was some sweltering heat in California today, so a pat on the back goes to all of the celebrities that put on their game faces and pretended not to be sweating buckets… I know I would be. Shoutout to slicked back hairstyles without the need for gel!

  1. Taraji P. Henson kills the it (notice the swooping motion that was very popular last night) in a dress perfectly crafted to the fall meets grungy vibe looming over the carpet. Chain-link shoulders kick it up and notch and definitely pay off. To be fair, I would play with a dress like that anyday if I had the chance to wear it. So sexy.


2. A style risk from the young starlet that everybody is talking about, the return of the dreaded pants-under-dress look. Done with a bit of slack in the leg all the way down and a much shorter dress in a contrasting hue, I will definitely give my stamp of approval. But please don’t tell me this look will be coming back in volumes… I can’t take 2006 over again. In my opinion, however, she really did rock this look. Kudos.


3. Cruz-ing her way through the carpet in almost-winter(fall?)-white was a smart choice for her in more ways than just keeping her body temperature down. We saw white done several ways but the sleek fluidity combined with the graphicness of the clutch make this my favourite Orange is the New Black look of the night (but all of the outfits were vast improvements from their usual jumpsuits!). Also, bangs are a major trend for fall, soon many will be taking the plunge and donning a new fringe (beginning with Sarah Jessica Parker on the cover of the Harper’s Bazaar October issue).


4. A constant style favourite of mine is Sarah Hyland. Not only does she play the bossy older sister on Modern Family (a role I know all too well, ask my little sister), but watching her go from casual teenager clothing to designer frocks is always a spectacle. Flashing back to her two piece ballgown last year still gives me chills. In my eyes she can do no wrong and that is evident once again on this carpet. She effortlessly models a transitional gown that fits her impeccably.


5. Finally, I have fallen in love with these gowns for the fit alone. Ok, and also the colours. The beading is gorgeous and I can’t believe they didn’t melt under all of that fabric. Definitely some of my favourite looks of this vampy-trend. I hope to replicate this with a similar colour on my lips for everyday. You know, once everyday doesn’t involve sweats and my school hoodie…

 lena-headey-emmys-2015 jaimie-alexander-emmy-awards-2015



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