From Bedroom to Street Style?

I would confidently be able to admit that without a doubt, Selena Gomez is my style icon. However, she recently raised some controversy when she wore a nighttime inspired dress out on the town (and when I say “nighttime” I mean bedtime) and across the pond.

London Celebrity Sightings - September 24, 2015

Not typical club attire for your average 23 year old, but to be honest, she was probably the most comfortable one there…

After a season of new trends, one that stood out to me was when a designer would call their looks subtlely sexy, or a more covered up look. It really brought into play a good message that less is definitely more, as you can see in this case. Please tell me pyjamas as outerwear will soon become a thing! College kids everywhere are crossing their fingers.

Happy Monday everyone! Hope when you roll out of bed this morning you rock the bedhead and pjs as well as Selena does!


P.S. What do you guys think of this look? Appropriate for a night out? Would you wear it? Let me know! 🙂


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