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Month: October, 2015

Giving it the Old College Try


University students are often given the reputation of the largest quantity of hoodies owned, or the sole reason the legging industry is booming. I find this, however, to be a very untrue statement after my experience these past weeks. It was surprising the number of girls I saw wearing heels to class, or guys stepping outside of the cliche sweatpants look. It is showing a type of generation that feels the need to dress to impress, whether that is to be taken seriously in class, grab the attention of the opposite sex, or just for themselves (In my mind, the most fundamental reason your should be dressing well). Its not only a easy confidence booster, but it makes those long treks to classes more enjoyable if you aren’t holding your head down. For me, I haven’t had too much trouble finding an extra 20 min to throw on a chunky sweater, statement necklace, and booties combo rather than a standard hoodie. Try it this week and see the difference it makes! Plus, you never know who you could run into on your everyday commute; your future (or current) boss, husband, or best friend. It’s always better to leave them with the impression that you care enough to try.

What do you babes think? Is it worth it? (I know this “caring” will take a nosedive at midterm and final season!) Does dressing for the position you want actually benefit you? Let me know!


Trend I’d Like to Try: Over the Knee Boots


I don’t think it is possible to look more badass then when wearing thigh-high black boots. It’s like strolling right off of the set of Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood music video and having a super cool superhero nickname. Instantly, people are thinking “don’t mess with that chick”. This attitude, however, has been something I would love to resemble, if not for the steep price tag of the boots themselves. So I thought I’d try to find some more budget-friendly picks for a trend that I assure you will not be leaving anytime soon. (cue the bat signal)

Topshop BELL Thigh High Boots ($253.83)

Still pretty steep, but these are the ones Gigi is wearing in the photo above.


Aldo BOVE Boots ($200)


Steve Madden Gorgeous Over-the-Knee Boots ($209.44)


As you can probably tell, there is a certain style of over the knee boots I prefer, but feel free to let me know yours. Whether it be flat, stiletto, suede, leather, or laced up, these killer boots are all about the confidence.


Up Up and Away! Chanel Takes off With an Airport-Inspired Theme


Seems like Karl Lagerfeld took his “runway” very literally this year! The Chanel Spring 2016 show featured most of the same classic, timeless inspired pieces you no doubt expected, while adding a polished, jet setter twist. Brilliantly setting the scene in the “Chanel Airlines” terminal made way for a star-studded event, with no endless customs lines in sight.


What would any high fashion show be without every designers favourite “star” Kendall Jenner? It’s not too often you come across a show where neither her or Gigi are featured… Nonetheless, I love this look and absolutely adore those shades!


Of course, the stars of the show; Karl himself, as well as Cara Delevingne (who posed and made some trademark goofy faces at the check-in counter). The young gentleman is Karl Lagerfeld’s godson, Hudson (Chanel’s youngest model and one lucky, well dressed boy!)


What did you think of the theme? Can’t say I can ever picture myself wearing any of these outfits to the airport, but then again, what runways feature leggings and hoodies… Hope you’re having a good week!


The Perfect Outfit to “Shake Off” the Cold

Before you read this article, I’d like you to kindly watch this SNL skit about what I am about to tell you. This was the video sketch of the Oct. 3rd premiere hosted by Miley Cyrus, and I thought it was one of their best yet. It features a post-apocolyptic world in which Taylor Swift and her “Squad” have taken over, leaving no survivors.

With that being said, apparently I have already been infected because I attended her Toronto concert this Friday and absolutely loved it. I was on my feet singing and dancing the whole time (thank goodness for comfortable shoes!). She provided some catchy remixes of her older stuff, including an aca-pella style rendition of “Blank Space” to the beat of her singing “Blue Jays” (a kind tribute to them making playoffs for the first time in a while). My favourite performance *SPOLER ALERT* was her piano based mashup of Enchanted/Wildest Dreams, as I was singing it all the way home. Please release that version soon Taylor!

As in the case of any concert, wearing the right outfit is crucial to your enjoyment. The excitement of dressing up often psyches me up to believe I can put up with wearing things I very much regret later on (case-in-point for those heels)… Through my experience, I believe I came up with a very well thought out look for this concert, and one that will be easy to replicate for other events as well.

First, I tried to avoid the typical Taylor crop-top concept in favour of a more polished version of a simple silhouette, aka something I believe she would actually wear. This top looks very fancy from the front, a silky crepe-looking material with a simple velvet pocket, however, the back is basic t-shirt material, keeping you cool through all of that shaking. Should still be available, and I highly recommend this piece for the price.


(Zara Velvet Pocket T-Shirt – $19.90)

Next, I paired it with something a bit more Bad Blood/Badass, and nothing says that better than a leather mini (unfortunately, I wish I had those matching thigh-high boots!). Mine was actually a great find of mine from a while ago, on major discount from Free People, and the design actually has shorts underneath for a base while the leather pieces just cross and zip together (easier than it sounds).


This one is actually out of stock, but they’re pretty popular, so I found a few close alternatives.

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 6.31.05 PM

(Forever 21 Quilted Faux Leather Skirt – $23.90)

Shoes have to be comfortable while still being cute. Although thigh-high stiletto boots would’ve been killer, the walk back to the car would’ve been a little tougher, so I compromised!


(Steve Madden Nobel – $99.95)

And to top it all off, you can’t forget those trademark red lips!



Below 10 Degrees? Break out the Turtleneck!

I have been patiently waiting to embrace the turtle neck trend with this sweater for so long but unfortunately (!!!) we had an unusually warm September. Today was the coldest day by far and I couldn’t help myself from bundling up in this chunky knit from Forever 21 (despite the fact that it has warmed up a bit and I am now drinking iced coffee). Warm sweaters have infected the campus and it is such a nice sight to see 🙂 Here is my take, and I apologize in advance for the poor quality dorm room pics, but it was the best I could do after my roomate left…


Sweater: Forever 21, Leggings: Lululemon, Boots: Naturalizer, Bag: Urban Outfitters, Watch: Micheal Korsimage

So hopefully you’ll be able to brace the cold happily like me (mostly cause I know it’s gonna get a lot worse soon) or enjoy beautiful weather while the rest of us in negative degrees dream of beaches and sunshine while bundled up 🙂 How was the weather today where you guys live? Are you excited for winter or are you counting the days until summer? Let me know!