Trend I’d Like to Try: Over the Knee Boots


I don’t think it is possible to look more badass then when wearing thigh-high black boots. It’s like strolling right off of the set of Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood music video and having a super cool superhero nickname. Instantly, people are thinking “don’t mess with that chick”. This attitude, however, has been something I would love to resemble, if not for the steep price tag of the boots themselves. So I thought I’d try to find some more budget-friendly picks for a trend that I assure you will not be leaving anytime soon. (cue the bat signal)

Topshop BELL Thigh High Boots ($253.83)

Still pretty steep, but these are the ones Gigi is wearing in the photo above.


Aldo BOVE Boots ($200)


Steve Madden Gorgeous Over-the-Knee Boots ($209.44)


As you can probably tell, there is a certain style of over the knee boots I prefer, but feel free to let me know yours. Whether it be flat, stiletto, suede, leather, or laced up, these killer boots are all about the confidence.



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