Giving it the Old College Try


University students are often given the reputation of the largest quantity of hoodies owned, or the sole reason the legging industry is booming. I find this, however, to be a very untrue statement after my experience these past weeks. It was surprising the number of girls I saw wearing heels to class, or guys stepping outside of the cliche sweatpants look. It is showing a type of generation that feels the need to dress to impress, whether that is to be taken seriously in class, grab the attention of the opposite sex, or just for themselves (In my mind, the most fundamental reason your should be dressing well). Its not only a easy confidence booster, but it makes those long treks to classes more enjoyable if you aren’t holding your head down. For me, I haven’t had too much trouble finding an extra 20 min to throw on a chunky sweater, statement necklace, and booties combo rather than a standard hoodie. Try it this week and see the difference it makes! Plus, you never know who you could run into on your everyday commute; your future (or current) boss, husband, or best friend. It’s always better to leave them with the impression that you care enough to try.

What do you babes think? Is it worth it? (I know this “caring” will take a nosedive at midterm and final season!) Does dressing for the position you want actually benefit you? Let me know!


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