Midterm Survival Guide

Well this is it folks, crunch time, the make or break part of first semester that allows the error of your relaxed first term to catch up with you. Midterms, the point in time where you begin to say “hey, maybe I really should do those readings”. So now you are struggling to catch up with all you’ve put off while trying not to turn into one of those campus-wandering zombies that university students turn into while running solely on coffee. Well, from personal experience I have developed a list of imperative items that you need to survive this dark time, let me know what your picks are!

  1. Good headphones! Either to put a hop in your step while walking to class, to motivate you to hit the ever intimidating campus gym, or to drown out the sound of crying roommates after calculus exams… (true story) A killer playlist is another important component! My pick: Beats by Dre or stereotypical white apple earbuds (mine have become an actual extension of my body)                                                                                                                41cQjXWdYcL._SY300_appleearphone_1441091699
  2. A fuzzy warm blanket. I drape my bright red one across my drab, uncomfortable dorm room chair; lay it on the floor for spread out study sessions; and even wear it around my residence when I don’t feel like getting out of bed.
  3. Sleep-Study-Streetwear clothes. In the crunch time of exams it is only natural to want to eliminate the need to get dressed altogether by not bothering to change. Pick comfortable, solid basics that allow you to mix and match without devoting too much brainpower or potential study time. My picks: Lululemon “Sattva Pant ||” Joggers                                                                      LW5L46S_013211_3                                                                                                                     Leggings “Wunder Under Pant”                                                                                 LW5G05S_012413_1                                                                                                                        University branded sweaters and apparel                                                                               images                                                                                                                                          Chunky knit sweaters. (H&M Pattern-Knit Jumper)                                                    hmprod
  4. A good alarm clock! I’m sure the necessity of this goes without saying. Unfortunately I have been the victim of a late night study session that makes it that much harder to get out of bed in the morning. Pro tip: put your alarm clock across the room, or even better, just out of reach of your roommate. Watch how fast you’ll get up once to begin to feel their wrath…
  5. Good healthy study snacks within reach (and less healthy ones on hand just in case). I like to place fruit, yogurt, and cheese strings at the top of my study snack list. Fortunately, I am very prone to typical stress eating, for which I suggest “junk food with a purpose”: chocolate covered almonds (watch calories!), sweet chilli rice cakes/rice chips, multigrain Tostitos and salsa, and Kind granola “squares”. And of course, have ramen and KD on hand for desperate measures…

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