Winter Update

Sorry for the absence, but Christmas is a downright crazy time in the life of a university student. I went from finals, to trying to make the most of seeing family and friends over the break, to a wild frost week but one of my resolutions is to maintain a schedule for this blog.

Interestingly enough, I have begun writing for another blog for my school, so I will link to those articles as well as soon as they start being uploaded. IMG_7717.jpeg

My fashion over the past bit hasn’t been anything too notable, lots of late nights in sweats and such, but I did want to share this great find from Forever 21. I saw it fairly recently so I think it may still be available. It is a midi-length hunter green knit dress and I just love the way it fits. Personally, I didn’t think this style would work for me as I am on the shorter side and less model-esque side but I really think this is a flattering, versatile piece for many girls. IMG_6741.jpeg

I styled it for Christmas day with an oversized sweater/blazer from Zara (I thought the proportions worked well together), as well as my black Steve Madden NOBELs and this necklace from Forever 21. IMG_2216.jpeg

Hope you all had a great break/holiday season and I hope to hear from you soon!

xx Amanda


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