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Month: March, 2016

Almost Kylie Jenner Worthy

I came across a very interesting article the other day, one that claimed it had the perfect drugstore dupe for the Kylie lip kit colour “Dolce K”. Seeing as I am a broke college student who cannot fathom constantly being on standby to compete with the thousands of other girls trying to get one, I ran to the nearest Shoppers Drug Mart.

The concept is that famed makeup artist Patrick Ta used a lipliner-lipgloss combo on Gigi Hadid, and that the matte nude colour looked decently similar to the sold-out shades.


If you are interested, I would recommend getting them as soon as you can get your hands on them. I found mine last Friday but my roommate tried to find the shade yesterday and they were unfortunately sold out.

Maybelline Colour Sensational LipLiner in Toast 25

Maybelline Colour Sensational Vivid Matte Liquid in Nude Thrill

Try it out and let me know what you think! I’m not sure its as close in colour to “Dolce K” as the article claims. However, based on my experience, I LOVE the consistency and really like the way it looks.



Hoppy Sunday

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! I was fortunate enough to be able to go home and see lots of my family and friends for Easter. It was much chillier than I had anticipated, especially when we lost power Thursday night to Friday night due to an ice storm… To be honest, I had been too optimistic in planning for spring weather and was left with sundresses and tank tops, when I ended up wearing a sweater dress. However, the weather did allow for a dress with a light jacket on Sunday, so you bet I capitalized on it!

Loved trying out the off-the-shoulder trend not once, but twice this weekend and i must say, I really am loving it. Ordered my dress online from Forever 21 and my shoes were purchased last spring (for a pop of colour under my high school graduation gown), from Spring.


Saks has Landed in Canada

…and it is beautiful!

Took a trip down to Toronto a few weeks ago to check out the brand new Saks Fifth Ave that opened in the Hudson’s Bay. There was so much hype, and let me tell you, it was worth it. The inside looks fabulous and due to the sky high prices, checking it out is a dream-like scenario. One day when I can actually shop there, I’ll provide more info on the contents. But for now, a girl can dream…


This brings to light a surprising corporate move on Saks part as they were able to see how well Target’s move went. However, as Target was way too optimistic with opening everywhere at once, Saks is taking their time to dip their feet in the Canadian luxury market competing with big players such as The Room at Hudson’s Bay and Holt Renfrew. It will be interesting to see their effects on the existing shopping.


Also got to stop by Dineen Coffee Shop (gorgeous inside and out and their iced vanilla latte is to die for – even on a cold day)

Definitely make it a priority to stop by Sweet Jesus! Their “pimped out” cones are very instagram worthy and every bit as delicious as they look. And trust me, you won’t want to share but these cones are insanely big. Make sure to allot time for waiting in the standard around-the-corner line.


New Music Monday – March 21

Here are my top new songs for this week!

EVERYTHING from the Spotify playlist “Pop Chillout” including:

iT’s YoU – ZAYN

Rise Up – Andra Day

Tired of Talking – LEON

Nothing Left – Kygo

Seventeen – Alessia Cara

Hope you enjoy these too xx


Saturday Spotlight – NARS Train Bleu Velvet Matte Lip Pencil


Decided to splurge the other day when I was roaming in Sephora… I had just read an article about the badass lip colours used in the Marc Jacobs runway show and was obsessed with the look coined “the new ‘don’t mess with me’ face”. The look on the runway featured dark smudgey eyeliner/eyeshadow and a bold lip. I had been looking for a dark purple shade that suited me for a while now so I elected to pick up the shade used on the paler models, Train Bleu. Everything from the packaging to the application of NARS lip pencils won me over on the first use. It makes for a very bold statement, so I haven’t worn it too often but on the odd day you want to look way tougher than you are, I would reach for it. It also lends a very high fashion vibe when you keep the rest of your face makeup very minimal. I tend to prefer wearing it with a pristinely even slightly matte face, mascara, and (maybe) a touch of eyeliner. It also makes messy hair days virtually disappear when you have to rock a bun. Bold lipstick makes it look like you did it on purpose!


Top of the Morning to Ya


Just a quick post to say Happy St. Patrick’s Day and to show you a little outfit inspiration for grabbing a pint after work or school. Wherever the day takes you, be safe everyone!



Pre-Business Casual

I am very excited to share that the reason for my absence the past few weeks is due to a new exciting writing position at my university. As I am a first year hoping to get into the incredible business program here third year (although it is an unpopular pursuit to mention. AT ALL. just don’t bring it up if you know whats good for you), I am considered a “Pre-Business Student” and as such, have elected to participate in the designated club. I wasn’t sure quite how I was going to fit in, being more passionate about media/marketing and knowing little to nothing about finance and accounting, which seemed much more popular. I am happy to report that I have found my spot among the business students (myself being Media, Information, and Technoculture), and have been writing for the club’s new and exciting blog! I hope you get the chance to check it out, there is going to be valuable content for varying types of people which I believe can be related across many age groups. For example, my first article is about how to wear flats in a professional way, instead of opting for traditional pumps. I urge you to go check it out, your feet will thank you!

Of course, my new professional position on the blog gives way to needing professional new headshots for my article (and Facebook, and instagram…) so I thought I would share them in an OOTD format. To be honest, these could be the nicest quality pictures this blog ever sees for my personal outfits (but I am working on it!). Sure beats iPhone quality…



Peplum top, blazer, and necklace are Forever 21  – Pants are T. Babaton (Aritzia) – Booties are Silence + Noise (Urban Outfitters)


Over-the-knee Bliss

So happy to share with you that since a couple posts back, my hunt for the perfect thigh-high boots is over. I found these beauties on winter clearance for a steal and couldn’t wait to share them with you. They are Nine West, and I happened to stumble across them in a rich chocolate brown colour. To be completely honest, I had my sights set on black or grey, but when I saw the quality and structure I knew these would be a part of my wardrobe for a long time to come.


I even got the chance to wear them out one night (a rookie mistake since they hadn’t been broken in yet) and I managed to walk remarkably far. So far, I’ve been loving to pair them with other rich tones and also monochromatic black outfits to spice it up.


Definitely an improvement from a pair of strappy heels! They hit just over my knee, which I am also a fan of, due to the fact i don’t have to keep pulling them up or have them tie in the back.

Here are some of my outfit inspirations which I’m sure will be used in the near future:

Expect more soon 🙂