Wedding Bells

Last weekend I attended a spectacular wedding for one of my closest family members and trust me, this meant a lot of work was going into my outfit. If your family is anything like mine, the pictures you take at one of these events will be constantly in your face on Facebook and family albums until the end of time (or the next major event down the road… to put this in perspective the next major event for this group will be my wedding… yikes). So yeah, I definitely scoured the internet and every mall in an hour car-ride radius for the perfect dress.

Here were my options:


Asos Dress: currently out of stock ($92.58)

This was the dress I was actually most excited for, and I ended up not wearing it. You really never know when you order things online I suppose. Gorgeous draping however, and I’m sure I will find use for it in the future.


Wilfred Sabine Dress: Aritzia ($165)

Ok, tried this photo on in store and fell in love with the fit. It drapes beautifully and is made of a thick crepe-y fabric. A bit on the expensive side, but I decided to keep it to add to my work wardrobe (so I am sure it will be making an appearance in the flesh on my blog soon).



Boohoo Halter Neck Cross Over Midi Dress: Asos ($30.86)

This is the dress I ended up wearing and LOVED it. The fit is very flattering and the material is more stretchy than I had anticipated. Yet again, it proves that you don’t need to spend a lot to look more expensive. I decided to switch out the belt for a bedazzled BCBG one that I already had in my closet just to add a bit more bling, but this could have easily been done with some Forever 21 jewelry as well.


Heels: Forever 21, Bedazzled Clutch: Local Boutique


At the last minute decided to pair it with a berry lip, and loved the contrast. I think it definitely added an extra level to the outfit.

(Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor – 610 HD Addiction)

Hope this helps any of you heading to summer weddings!





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