Another Dress I Wear Way Too Often

As I continue my work-filled summer I am slowly losing my motivation to actually have to put together more than one item of clothing. This means I have started to gravitate to the same easy, pull-on and go wardrobe pieces that I know will look good. 13626357_10209638326825526_6402832245224380039_n

I picked up this purple dress this spring (featured in one of my earlier posts) and have been wearing it nonstop since. The cut is super flattering and office appropriate and I find the colour upgrades it from a boring neutral. I did manage to up the style factor a bit with my All Saints birthday purse, which I am of course still obsessed with (and now have it stocked to the brim with unnecessary things). As well as these cute new trendy booties I picked up from Marshalls which were a steal at $40.

 Hope you all enjoy this week, it is supposed to be extra hot here!



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