3 Sleeps to Osheaga: My Favourite Festival Looks From the Past

Ok everyone I am getting incredibly excited for this weekend, as I will be heading off to Montreal in only a minuscule amount of time. I have my schedule picked out but now comes the most important part, the outfits and the necessities. Now having never been to a music festival before, I will be learning alongside all of you, but I’ve done my research. So, to kick off this week I am sharing with you my all-time (of recent history) favourite music festival looks from the unattainable celebrity world, and in my next post I will show you how I drew inspiration from them! Hope this helps all you who are struggling as much as I am…


Of course, the reigning queen of anything remotely boho-chic or Coachella inspired, Vanessa Hudgens. Her festival (and sometimes even bohemian street style) are the stuff that best-dressed lists are made of. Here she is looking comfy and cute in an airy two-piece set. GOALS.


Chiara Ferragni, because if you read blogs, you know her. Not only does she routinely kill Coachella fashion with her own trends but her fashion week looks are to die for. This girl is not afraid of anything and it pays off. Plus those double buns?


You can’t mention Coachella of recent years without a mention of the Jenners. So I decided to put Kendall on the list for this look a while back. Understated and minimalistic, but stunning.


If you know me you know I am a huge fan of Selena’s style/stylist. I think she always manages to look so comfortable and messy chic. This is exactly the same concept, only unattainable for anyone who is not a celebrity to be this free of grass stains by the end of the day. Must be nice…


Finally Gigi, specifically this outfit because I based one of my own looks off of it. I was inspired by the chain belt on simple black. Hopefully the combination of heavy metal on such a dark fabric doesn’t lead me to heatstroke, but again, thats why I’m testing these out for you! All in the name of fashion, am I right?

Thanks for reading! See you all soon,



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