Little Dose of Sunshine

Got away for a little vacation this past week to the (mostly cloudy) Captiva Island in Florida. Thought some time in the sun might be just what I needed to clear my head, but if anything it has only gotten foggier. You see, going away for a week deemed “reading week” (most likely just a Canadian university thing but I’m not completely sure) simply puts your mind into a constant state of thinking how far behind you will get by relaxing. In effect, I probably would have been less stressed if I had remained at school.

Fortuntely, I have actually just written an essay on this for one of my classes, so this short little blog post break can technically still be considered studying. In a world of constantly going, is there ever any true relaxation?

Consider this; if anyone from your workplace truly needed to get a hold of you, they could probably do it at any hour of the day, awake or asleep, wherever you are. Isn’t that just a little frigtening? We can never fully disconnect. Even in my no wifi, no phone service state I find myself constantly cutting my time by the pool short to return to my hotel room and check how my instagram post is doing. So for the remainder of my trip, I resolve to fully disconnect. And, I challenge anyone reading this to do the same, pick a day in the near future and leave your phone at home. I have a feeling your mind will thank you.


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