Festival Must-Haves

I got to attend my first music festival last summer, and I probably over-packed and over-prepared for it. So today, in the middle of Coachella weekends, I wanted to share my must haves for upcoming festival season. Hopefully these aren’t too basic, but I find that I was surprised that some of them you really do need, and a lot of other things I brought were just dead weight. Of course, as you can probably see by most of the festival pics, less is definitely more, which is not always convenient on a sweltering day, let alone in the middle of the desert (kudos to you Coachella survivors!).

First, the thing I didn’t expect to need as much as I did, a collapsable water bottle. I cannot tell you how useful and practical this was. I brought it on a whim, the one I had was won at a conference or something and was sitting in my junk drawer. Mine had a clip which made it exponentially more convenient. PLEASE, I am telling you, do yourself a favour and pick one up. Being able to fill something up after standing in the astronomically long fountain lines was so nice, and probably kept me from fainting.


Second, and this one may seem obvious, but a portable phone charger! With all that instagramming and snapchatting your battery will die like no tomorrow. Everyone knows the best/headlining acts are always at nighttime, so make sure your phone is all charged up for then! Small ones like in this picture are practical for small bags, but the one I have is about the size of an iPhone, stores 4 charges worth, and can charge two phones at once. Think about what your needs will be!


Please, for your health’s sake, bring hand wipes/sanitizer to try and combat the amount of dirt and portable washrooms you will encounter before eating with your hands. Even for aesthetic sake. WASH YOUR HANDS!

Hair wraps, bands, ties, etc. It is hot, and your hair will get sweaty and gross by the end of the day. Don’t expect your curls to last. Learn how to do the instagram braids or throw it up in a bun like the rest of us.

SUNSCREEN! Obvious, but also something a lot of people get burned by (hehe get it?). Apply a solid coat at the beginning of the day and don’t pretend like you are impervious to sun damage, heck even throw on a hat. Your future self will thank you.

My don’ts include: outfits or shoes that are too crazy to be even remotely comfortable, bags that are not fanny packs, large signs or objects you will have to carry around all day and hate yourself for, makeup because who wants to retouch in small handheld mirrors (just melt and move on) and people who don’t try the cool foods the festival has to offer – your instagram will thank you.

Have a good time, sway to the music, and take lots of pictures. After all, if you didn’t instagram Coachella, did you even go?

Will you be attending any festivals this season? Which ones? Any tips for me?

xx Amanda



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