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What to Do if You’re Having Fashion Week Withdrawals (And You Weren’t Even There)

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Ah yes, that time of year again. The air gets crisper, the days get shorter, and thousands of models, celebrities, and just plain stylish people take over New York. From what I can only imagine, the days there seem like they would be a blur of cab/uber backseats, dark venues, and constant flashing from all the lightbulbs going off in the street. Now for those of us who have yet to be a part of the grand spectacle that is Fashion Week, there are a few things we can do to keep ourselves as in-the-action and as sane as possible.

1. Possibly the most obvious, but the wonders of our digitally connected world today mean that we can be half a world away watching models snapchat their way through the most exclusive events all while using a dog filter on their face. This allows you to personalize your experience between models or bloggers and have a really in-depth look at all the shows. Maybe you’re a Hadid fan (@itsgigihadid or @babybels777) or prefer the street style snaps of @chiaraferragni, or want to follow Vogue around the big apple. Either way, you will probably get an even closer look at fashion week through their snapchats, instagrams, twitters, etc. Embrace the power of the social media celebrity!

2. For the fashion lover, the true pot of gold is in the shows themselves. Fortunately, some of them will or have been streamed online, available to a wider audience! So kick back, find yourself an uncomfortable plastic chair, turn out all the lights, and spray some Chanel No. 5 in the air. Note: it may also help to have some critical friends whisper their opinions behind your back if you are going for an authentic experience.

3. Dress for the place you want to be! Didn’t quite make it to NYC cause you were stuck at work/school/not invited? Don’t fret, just own your city streets like they were made for the bold statement pieces of fashion week. Dress a bit nicer or trendier than usual and it will give you the kind of pep in your step only hordes of street style fashion photographers could give you. Disregard the weather as well as the occasion (in my opinion, it is always better to be overdressed anyways) and rock some new bold looks.

4. Pickup some magazines and pamper yourself, Plaza style. You’ll be the kind of relaxed that fashion-week goers only dream about.

Hope some of these eased the pain of the fashion week sized hole in your heart!



New Music Monday – May 9, 2016

Here are my new picks for the beginning of my summer! Finished exams and I’ll be back with more content now 🙂

One Dance – Drake (OBVIOUSLY)

Fireproof – Coleman Hell

This is What You Came For – Calvin Harris feat. Rihanna

Jordan Belfort – Wes Waker

Promiseland – [SEBELL]

Angela – The Lumineers

Beyonce’s Lemonade Album (specifically Daddy Lessons, 6 Inch feat. The Weeknd, and Hold Up)


Top Looks from the 2015 AMAs

Amidst furiously composing an essay and attending to my roommates midnight craving for ramen, I was unable to view any part of the AMAs last night. However, I have been searching the internet in hopes of being wowed by the trends, and I was definitely not disappointed. Edgy, fun, and skin baring were the theme of the top looks. Although these looks may not have been greatly practical for the newly snow-covered streets of London, a girl can dream…

Winner of the night: Selena Gomez

Everything from her cranberry smokey eye to her sleek long hair and open-back tattoo-showcasing dress was perfection. If this is her way of showing she’s too good for Bieber, she nailed it. Although there was some speculation about them getting close at the after party…


Also, she nailed her costume change for her performance of “Same Old Love”. Sleek, sexy, and a far cry from her Disney days.

Next Winner: Gigi Hadid

She threw everyone for a loop with the appearance of a fake bob hairstyle and was rightfully one of the major topics of the night. Going from her Victorias Secret glossy waves to this showed a stark contrast, however she instantly revealed her secret. Paired with a sleek and sexy winter white dress made for a killer combination. Then again, I haven’t met a Gigi carpet look I didn’t like.

Next Winner: Carrie Underwood.

Ethereal, goddess-like, and glowing. Carrie wore a cape on the carpet to further prove her super-human like good looks and toned physique. Cue the applause.

2015 American Music Awards - Arrivals


Winner: Ciara

Wearing a dress dubbed as “leaving little to the imagination” left Ciara in a top spot on the trend list. Intricate bejewelling made her a major fixture on the carpet and, as always, one to admire.


Winner: Meghan Rienks

Youtube stars have slowly but surely been making their way onto the carpet and into these events. Being an avid follower, I always like to check in on team internet to see the closest thing to a “real girl” look on the carpet (though sometimes they are hard to distinguish from the models). I loved this look on her, as it followed the trends of the night while maintaining wearability.

Loved the edgy, fresh feel of the VMAs, including sleek hair, dramatic eyes, and metallic accents. Definitely copyable in real life. Maybe I’ll even watch next year!


Below 10 Degrees? Break out the Turtleneck!

I have been patiently waiting to embrace the turtle neck trend with this sweater for so long but unfortunately (!!!) we had an unusually warm September. Today was the coldest day by far and I couldn’t help myself from bundling up in this chunky knit from Forever 21 (despite the fact that it has warmed up a bit and I am now drinking iced coffee). Warm sweaters have infected the campus and it is such a nice sight to see 🙂 Here is my take, and I apologize in advance for the poor quality dorm room pics, but it was the best I could do after my roomate left…


Sweater: Forever 21, Leggings: Lululemon, Boots: Naturalizer, Bag: Urban Outfitters, Watch: Micheal Korsimage

So hopefully you’ll be able to brace the cold happily like me (mostly cause I know it’s gonna get a lot worse soon) or enjoy beautiful weather while the rest of us in negative degrees dream of beaches and sunshine while bundled up 🙂 How was the weather today where you guys live? Are you excited for winter or are you counting the days until summer? Let me know!


The 67th Emmy’s Melt-Proof Style

Ok, so not only do these makeup looks bring a fresh new crop of fall trends, but they also had to last through a scorching afternoon in the California sun. Despite the fact that here in Canada the weather is a bit on the colder side, a sweat-proof style while running to class is always welcomed. Here are my picks for easy, trendy hairstyles to last you all day (or all night).

Side-swept old hollywood curls are always a win in my books but Emma Roberts refreshes this trend with the slicked back part (gel/sweat/greasy hair is your friend here!) and contrasting roots. She is holding on to the final glow of summer with her gilded-ly contoured cheekbones, and her smokey eye edges the look up.


I will definitely be making an effort to replicate Julianne’s textured updo to save some damage on my hair and on days when styling is not a possibility. The triple-strand band ups the sporty feel and of course, her smokey eye is incredibly sultry, as to perfectly match her dress.


Finally, Laverne Cox’s smokey eyes and chestnut lips perfectly round out the trends for fall. Her eyes truly are the standout feature, and her teal dress compliments her perfectly.



The Generation That is Changing the College Game

As I prepare myself to move away from home for the first time (off to university in 1 day!!) I have been reflecting while packing up all my belongings, and more importantly the advice I have gotten. Stories of fun college nights from friends and family are always something to look forward to, however I have noticed a significant difference between their stories and mine. As much as you could ever be prepared to move out, this generation is shattering the broke college student stereotype in favour of mattress pads, throw pillows, and cappuccino machines adding to a dorm’s level of homeliness. This begs the question, are students today too coddled? A dorm has now become so much more than a summer camp-esque place to sleep while studying and has transformed into a powerhouse industry (at least for a few months of the year). Four walls and a bed are now receiving updates such as “wellness centers”, workout rooms, and dining halls that rival some high end restaurants.

This has all been fueled by the overaiding of adolescents at home leading to students rarely wanting to leave their dorms. Why would you when you have a fabulous memory foam mattress surrounded by the latest gadgets. Unfortunately, this motion has not only become a luxury, but a standard for most freshman. New students without access to at least a standard laptop with all of the fixings have already been set at a disadvantage from day one.

Not only is this a factor of comfort and farmiliarity but actually a new facet of style. Being able to show off your stylishly decorated dorm has become a trend across social media, and is only predicted to go upwards with the popularity of new platforms such as snapchat and instagram.

Going from my parents working their way through student loans and living at home I have noticed a large difference in how they have gone about my university transition. However, I am extremely grateful about how excited they have been and all that they’ve done. Just waiting for the waterworks Sunday!


Oh The Weather Outside…

As our final few weeks of summer are wrapping up, a gloomy, fall-like atmosphere has settled over Toronto. Weather like this only has me more excited for the seasons to change (Autumn is my favourite, after all) and the big move ahead of me (university!).


I knew I was officially done with summer when I saw my dashboard flooded with oversized sweaters and flannels. As the crisp air lingers, I thought today would be a perfect chance for me to showcase some of my favourite recent cozy reblogs/pins to get everyone in the mood for fall!


Its all about balance; I love the delicately stacked jewelry against the menswear-inspired, oversized pieces.


My recent shoe obsession… Mark my words, I will own a pair of these beauties!


Seeing outfits like this basically makes me live for those few weeks in a Canadian fall season where it is cold enough for a jacket, yet warm enough to not wear a parka. Unfortunately, that time is very limited here 😦


Doesn’t this look like the coziest little corner for reading? I am going to try and set up something like this in my dorm room if I can find the floor space…


I can just feel how warm and snuggly that sweater is, and bare legs means you can start digging your biggest cardigans out now! Go, go, go, run don’t walk!

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Some Call it Lazy, I Call it “On-Trend”

This new trend could possibly be the best news my wallet and netflix schedule have ever heard. As of recently, models and celebrities have been forgoing their routine root touchups in favour of a more naturally “grown-in” look. Fortunately, I was waaaaay ahead of this trend (aka haven’t been for a touchup in way too long) and was thrilled to spot this look gaining momentum. As in “I haven’t been back to the salon and spent copious amounts of money to destroy my hair in way too long” but now, I can actually portray it as purposefully!

Here are some of the brilliant heads of this trend (pun intended):

2B59016C00000578-3197580-These_boots_were_made_for_walking_The_Sports_Illustrated_model_c-a-6_1439546786003 2B58E7DB00000578-3197580-These_boots_were_made_for_walking_The_Sports_Illustrated_model_c-a-7_1439546786006


This trend also works out brilliantly for those daring enough to try the colourful or icy grey hues of the summer, now transition root growth into “colombre”. I am loving this as well, not only for the functionality, but for the gorgeously effortless look.


So next time you see an outfit post on here with my roots showing, cut me some slack! The mutual laziness of the fashion industry has inspired an empowering and fun new trend. Sometimes a girls got more important things to do than get a root touch up, you know? (like I said, netflix!)


Sunday Spark: Ashley Benson’s Pretty Summer Hair & Makeup

Its always nice to have something that makes you excited to head back into work Monday, and I usually find this inspiration in a killer hairstyle or outfit. This week I hope to channel Ashley Benson’s look from her appearance on “Live with Kelly & Michael”. It is simple enough to not require sacrificing too much extra beauty sleep and functional enough to last all day. I have been a longtime fan of Ashley’s and often find myself coveting items from her closet as well as her beauty looks. I will try it out and let you know how this fishtail look goes, and if you try it out, definitely send me a picture or comment down below!




Long time, no blog

Hate to come back saying this because it admits to me having a several month absence with school as my only excuse but, hopefully I will be back for good. This site has almost been like a journal to me and I’ve missed expressed my thoughts freely. But I would also love to bring it back to a fashion/lifestyle blog and try my hand at that. It has been a huge dream of mine lately to be able to pursue this throughout university and I hope I will get the chance… It would probably help to not be wearing a uniform everyday.

I have completely got wrapped up in the pursuits of my senior year. It had been a year of shifting perspectives, making up with and losing friends, and powering through my last taste of day-to-day highschool life. I can only assume that most of the people who would read this are older, so if that is the case, any advice? I feel like you can’t truly appreciate these four years until you are past the walls and looking back on the simplicity (and idiocy). Nonetheless, I will deeply miss the traditions and significance of everything around me (at the moment). This is my world right now, and fortunately or unfortunately it will be completely shifted upside down in the next few months. Documenting this growth through this blog seems like a pretty good idea.

So I hope if you have stumbled across this blog you will see that this is my turning point where I go full-out and put all my efforts into this blog. And if nobody sees this, it will be interesting to look back on years from now. Thanks, and see you soon. Expect big things.