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The Perfect Outfit to “Shake Off” the Cold

Before you read this article, I’d like you to kindly watch this SNL skit about what I am about to tell you. This was the video sketch of the Oct. 3rd premiere hosted by Miley Cyrus, and I thought it was one of their best yet. It features a post-apocolyptic world in which Taylor Swift and her “Squad” have taken over, leaving no survivors.

With that being said, apparently I have already been infected because I attended her Toronto concert this Friday and absolutely loved it. I was on my feet singing and dancing the whole time (thank goodness for comfortable shoes!). She provided some catchy remixes of her older stuff, including an aca-pella style rendition of “Blank Space” to the beat of her singing “Blue Jays” (a kind tribute to them making playoffs for the first time in a while). My favourite performance *SPOLER ALERT* was her piano based mashup of Enchanted/Wildest Dreams, as I was singing it all the way home. Please release that version soon Taylor!

As in the case of any concert, wearing the right outfit is crucial to your enjoyment. The excitement of dressing up often psyches me up to believe I can put up with wearing things I very much regret later on (case-in-point for those heels)… Through my experience, I believe I came up with a very well thought out look for this concert, and one that will be easy to replicate for other events as well.

First, I tried to avoid the typical Taylor crop-top concept in favour of a more polished version of a simple silhouette, aka something I believe she would actually wear. This top looks very fancy from the front, a silky crepe-looking material with a simple velvet pocket, however, the back is basic t-shirt material, keeping you cool through all of that shaking. Should still be available, and I highly recommend this piece for the price.


(Zara Velvet Pocket T-Shirt – $19.90)

Next, I paired it with something a bit more Bad Blood/Badass, and nothing says that better than a leather mini (unfortunately, I wish I had those matching thigh-high boots!). Mine was actually a great find of mine from a while ago, on major discount from Free People, and the design actually has shorts underneath for a base while the leather pieces just cross and zip together (easier than it sounds).


This one is actually out of stock, but they’re pretty popular, so I found a few close alternatives.

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 6.31.05 PM

(Forever 21 Quilted Faux Leather Skirt – $23.90)

Shoes have to be comfortable while still being cute. Although thigh-high stiletto boots would’ve been killer, the walk back to the car would’ve been a little tougher, so I compromised!


(Steve Madden Nobel – $99.95)

And to top it all off, you can’t forget those trademark red lips!




Day-to-Night White T-shirt

I love a transitional outfit more than most things (my only exceptions being netflix, kit-kats, and puppies). Using a white t-shirt as a blank canvas is something I love in theory, but not so much in execution. Not to mention finding the absolute perfect fit, fabric, and cut of a small white piece of fabric. That alone is enough to drive a girl off the deep end. Which is why I am starting a new series on this blog, the White T-Shirt days. I love the basic accessibility and I love pulling outfits that people actually are able to function in (like some other blogs that assume it is physically possible for a girl to wear a different pair of heels every. single. day… ridiculous!) so here is my first plain white instalment. Super simple, super casual for simple summer days paired with your favourite sandals (or heels, if you enjoy causing yourself unnecessary pain).


White T of choice: Joe Fresh, Necklace: Forever 21, Black Lace Bralette: Aritzia, Shorts: Forever 21